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MBA- Master of Business Administration

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70% of the companies in the world require professionals with the capacity and knowledge of business management and administration. And it is that an MBA graduate has the ability to make decisions and assume management responsibilities.

According to a study by the consulting firm Mckinsey, a total of 15,000 professionals with this profile were recruited by companies. This requested professional profiles in the area of ​​management, management and business administration.

Around 30% of the companies in the European Union leave unfilled positions due to a lack of professionals trained in areas of management and administration. Due to these deficiencies, the MBAs are born. These studies focused on business administration and management provides the necessary knowledge for the development of these skills.

Who are the MBAs for?

University graduates who wish to direct their professional career to the administration, direction and management of companies. Likewise, it is also aimed at any professional, manager, entrepreneur or businessperson who seeks to enhance their management skills.

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What do you expect to get from a Master of Business Administration?

Within the academic framework, the case methodology is considered the most attractive and complete learning tool, since it manages to encourage analysis and discussion by students in the situations that teachers present to them.

They also allow global participation of all students in the classroom. In the first instance they are analyzed individually, then in working groups to define the position regarding the issue raised.

A graduate of a master’s degree in business administration graduates with the ability to administer, create, direct or manage the management of a company or corporation. Most MBA graduates seek to create their own organization or obtain a better position in business management and direction. And it is that in many of them, they request a graduate with said skills and knowledge to run a company.

At the time of graduating from an MBA, it is also expected to obtain a better position or better job in another company, not only nationally but internationally.

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